WSUS Reset degli Update

How to Do a Reset:

Note: You may want to execute the procedure below during off hours as your WSUS server will be downloading quite a bit of data.

  1. Correct any settings above or disapprove any unneeded updates.
  2. Close any open WSUS consoles.
  3. Go to Administrative Tools – Services and STOP the Update Services service.
  4. In Windows Explorer browse to the WSUSContent folder (typically D:\WSUS\WSUSContent or C:\WSUS\WSUSContent)
  5. Delete ALL the files and folders in the WSUSContent folder.
  6. Go to Administrative Tools – Services and START the Update Services service.
  7. Open a command prompt and navigate to the folder: C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools.
  8. Run the command WSUSUtil.exe RESET

-This command tells WSUS to check each update in the database, and verify that the content is present in the WSUSContent folder. As it finds that the content is not present in the folder, it executes a BITS job to download the content from Microsoft. This process takes quite a bit of time and runs in the background.



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